Projects & Maintenance

Sbinsaleh offers services in international technical project management to clients who remain owners of their technology. Throughout the whole world, Sbinsaleh supplies them with complete industrial installations, all technologies included. Sbinsaleh Service to Projects offering covers the realisation and assembly of installations along with all the assistance necessary for putting these into operation.

With its Service to Projects offering, Sbinsaleh enables its clients to benefit from its network of partners, suppliers and sub-contractors along with its mastery of local legal and administrative issues. This is particularly the case in India and China, in Russia and Brazil, but also in the United States and Europe.

Apart from its excellence in industrial processes, in engineering and in the management of complex technical projects, Sbinsaleh also guarantees the technological confidentiality of equipment to be installed. While keeping control of its technology, the client thus has the benefit of an equipment manufacturer partner, an expert in project management, used to working in emerging countries, a partner to which the client can confide in total confidence the overall management of his project.